Blue Flowers Farm
Shirley BC

Blue Flowers Farm offers fresh local seasonal cut flower bouquets grown in Shirley, BC on South Vancouver Island.
The logo is comprised of custom hand lettering and a logo icon to represent seedling, leaf, flower and seeds that can be separated to be used as single icons.
• Logo Design/Branding ID
• Icon Design
• Pattern Design
• Label Design
• Customized Squarespace Website
• Photography

Design Migration Design

Type Hand Lettering + Museo Sans Rounded from exljbris Font Foundry
Website Photos © Marika Nagasaka + © Sandra Morlacci

Bouquet Labels printed by Clubcard Printing, Vancouver BC

Seeds, Seedling, Leaf and Flower Icons | Customized Squarespace Website | Photos © Marika Nagasaka

Seeds, Seedling, Leaf and Flower Pattern

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