Photo © Jesus Martin Ruiz

Improving the Human Aspect of Mobility
d.talks (Design Talks Institute), Calgary AB

Using the Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in Calgary as a platform for new ideas, this project sought to rethink the present and future of transportation and human connection to place with d.talks' 2018 Movement Call for Ideas.

Type-based artwork was influenced by the word 'Movement.'

• Print Design
• Social Media Graphics
• Exhibition Wall & Window Display Vinyl Text
• Book Design → Movement Book

Design Migration Design
Movement Exhibition Installation designed and coordinated by Jayda Karsten
The Movement Exhibition was made possible with the support of the Alberta Government, the City of Calgary, the School of Architecture Planning and Landscape at the University of Calgary and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Let's Talk About... Movement & Movement Exhibition posters printed by Little Rock Printing, Calgary
Movement Exhibition vinyl cutting by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at the University of Calgary
Movement Book Printed & Bound by MET Fine Printers, Calgary AB
Photos © Jesus Martin Ruiz + © Ximena Gonzalez
Type FF Meta Serif + FF Meta Sans from FontFont + Base 900 from Emigre

Photo © Ximena Gonzalez

Photo © Ximena Gonzalez
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