Movement Book
Improving the Human Aspect of Mobility

d.talks (Design Talks Institute)
Calgary AB

This book published the winning d.talks' 2018 Movement Call for Ideas in the of Categories of Technology, Climate Sustainability, Memory, Public Is Everyone, Resilience, Tactical and Provocative. Essays related to the Categories were also included.

Symbols were designed to represent each Category and then placed with correlating Ideas and Essays. Cover & Interior type-based artwork was influenced by the word 'Movement.'

• Book Design
• Cover Art
• Book Layout (64 pages)
• Symbol Design
• Pattern Design
• Map Design
• Interior Artwork (type-based)

Book Design Migration Design
Concept Design Talks Institute in partnership with the City of Calgary
Project Team amery Calvelli, Ximena Gonzalez, Kaitlynn Livingstone & Amanda Szpecht
Editorial Support Alison McReynolds & Emily Cargan
Essays by Giovanna Borasi, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Marianna Vaidman Stone, Nabeel Ramji, Erin Shilliday, Carol Armes & Don Mulligan
Idea Images contributed by Tawab Hlimi, Studio Bianchi Architettura, Juliana Morar & Celia Lee; Laboratory of Integrative Design, Lemay + Toker, Kaitlyn Pelletier & Scott Bell; Sarah Danahy and Bram van der Heijden
Jury Giovanna Borasi, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Don Mulligan, Nabeel Ramji, Brigitte Shim, Cowboy Smithx, Shin-pei Tsay & Marianna Vaidman Stone
Photos © Jesus Martin Ruiz + © Ximena Gonzalez
Type FF Meta Serif + FF Meta Sans from FontFont + Base 900 from Emigre
Printed & Bound by MET Fine Printers, Calgary AB

Calgary Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) Map

Calgary Territory Acknowledgement Map

Metabolic Movements:
 Recovering Riparia Through Slow Flows | 
Image Tawab Hlimi

Photos © Jesus Martin Ruiz + ​​​​​© Ximena Gonzalez

Photo © Jesus Martin Ruiz

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