Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society, Sooke BC | Logo Sticker designed by Migration Design (Pro Bono Publico) | Type Malaga OTCA (altered) from Emigre + Wildfire Normal from Hustle Supply Co. | Printed by Clubcard Printing, Vancouver BC

Viridian Energy Co-operative, Vancouver Island BC | Vehicle Signage designed by Migration Design and Seen + Herd | Photos ©​​​​​​​ Antony Sferrazza | Type Soleil from TypeTogether + Program from Emigre | Printed and installed by SignPad, Colwood BC | Photo © SignPad

Business Cards designed by Migration Design

Edda Creative, Victoria BC | Logo Design by Tara Acheson Creative | Letterpress printed by Workhorse Press, Sidney BC

Clearwater Industries Inc., Victoria BC | Type Hand Lettering + Nudista from Suitcase Type Foundry | Printed by Metropol Industries Inc., Victoria, BC

As One, Yale BC | Type Huronia by Ross Mills from Tiro Typeworks + Praxis Next by Gerard Unger from Monotype | Printed by Erica Publishing Inc., Hope BC

Corder Marine, S. Vancouver Island | Photo ©​​​​​​​ Stef OlcenType DIN Next Rounded LT Pro from Linotype + Nimbus Sans from URW Type Foundry | Printed by Clubcard Printing, Vancouver BC

Farm + Field Butchers, Victoria BC | Artwork on Hoodie designed by Migration Design and Seen + Herd | Photo © Belinda Fontes

Sheringham Distillery, Shirley (now Sooke), BC | Labels and Hangtags designed by Migration Design | Type Hand Lettering + Stern Pro by Jim Rimmer from P22 Type Foundry + Laconia by Ross Mills from Tiro Typeworks | Labels printed by Associated Labels & Packaging, Coquitlam BC + Hangtag printed by Fotoprint Ltd., Victoria BC

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